Summer Picnics

What says summer more than a summer meal eaten out doors with friends? Picnics in the park are a great perk of these warmer days, and Talulah’s has every thing you need for a picnic, from the basket to keep all your goods together to food storage, to picnic blankets, we are your one stop shop! Our blankets have a great weatherproof lining that allows you to picnic even after a rain storm- or a grass watering! They even have a great carrying handle. We have Beeswrapand UConserve stainless food containers for perfect green food storage. The baskets are fairly classic, with large easy handles for carrying. But if carrying by handle isn’t your thing we have a whole new shipment of Harvest Label backpacks that work great not only for picnics but for traveling as well. Last but not least are our Corkcicle water bottles that not only keep hot things hot, but cold things cold, ie.. the biggest size keep a whole bottle of white wine cold!