Talulah Jones Fun Fact!

Our favorite Talulah Jones Fun Fact is that we stock earth friendly products all year long!   Environmental cleaning products? You betcha! These products impact the personal environment of your home as well as the planet. Talulah’s has some great cleaning products and cleaning cloths to aid you in your goal of being spotless and less toxic!  And did we mention our line of products that assist in the process to end plastic pollution. Single use plastic is one of the biggest challenges we face right now. From the use of Kuregs to Saran Wrap, single use plastic is something that never goes away and is filling up our landfills and oceans. We at Talulah’s are trying to give you alternatives to single use plastics with washable bowl covers and lunch wraps that can be used over and over again. Bees Wrap, an organic cotton and bees wax wrap for food and food storage is now at Talulah Jones! Simply wash with mild soap and cool water and use over and over again for anything from bread to cheese to veggies. Please join us in our efforts to make the world a better, greener place for all species. Each day we do our part, be it our extensive recycling program (thanks Stephanie P. for the use of her van each month for the hard to recycles that make their way up to Eco Cycle) to the extra cost we incur for buying recycled paper bags. Talulah’s is the place to shop if you care for the environment!