Weddings Galore!

Summer on into September is the perfect wedding season! Talulah’s is your one stop shop to get ready for the big day, be it your own, or one you hold dear. Giving a thoughtful gift is always stressful task. Talulah’s is here to make your gift stand out from the crowd. To give a gift that will not go in a cupboard to collect dust for year, but one that is used and treasured often.

A set of beautiful Turkish bath towels are not only good to use daily, but also to travel with. They are lightweight, super absorbent, and can double as a blanket on the go. Great gift! A long time favorite gift for baby is a soft blanket, but why indulge that super softness just for baby? Talulah’s has a great selection of blankets and throws that will become the one people fight over to snuggle under on a cold winters night - that is of course, unless you are a newly married couple, and you snuggle together!