Halloween is Upon Us

Spooktacular things are happening at Talulah Jones! Each year the collectors of Halloween come to check out the newest Halloween décor. This year you will not be disappointed!! Cute small Halloween figurines who will love hanging out on your windowsill, spirit filled trees, and grinning cat candy dishes will definitely get you in the ‘spirit’ of the holiday! 


Just for Giggles

One of our favorite days at the store is card buying day. We just stand over a huge stack of cards, and try  just to pick out our favorites and believe us when we tell you, this is no easy feat! There are so many clever, unusual and often beautiful cards it always a fun thing to peruse, we encourage customers to come in and do the same, even if it is just to cheer yourself up! We end up laughing for hours after remembering some of the silly card companies with their wicked sense of humor. We have a few people that come in on lunch break just to read them and laugh out loud! 

Weddings Galore!

Summer on into September is the perfect wedding season! Talulah’s is your one stop shop to get ready for the big day, be it your own, or one you hold dear. Giving a thoughtful gift is always stressful task. Talulah’s is here to make your gift stand out from the crowd. To give a gift that will not go in a cupboard to collect dust for year, but one that is used and treasured often.

A set of beautiful Turkish bath towels are not only good to use daily, but also to travel with. They are lightweight, super absorbent, and can double as a blanket on the go. Great gift! A long time favorite gift for baby is a soft blanket, but why indulge that super softness just for baby? Talulah’s has a great selection of blankets and throws that will become the one people fight over to snuggle under on a cold winters night - that is of course, unless you are a newly married couple, and you snuggle together!

Write it all down

Just in time for the school year, or the nestling in as a new season comes, Talulah’s has journals and notebooks for every bit of whimsy that passes through your head. Right now, we have an exceptionally great selection of beautiful journals and colorful notebooks to keep your head straight and thoughts organized and processed!

Back to School

It seems like they just got out of school, right? But back to school is really just weeks away. We have ordered some great backpacks (that are on their way in) that will get your kids off to school not only in style, but hopefully excited by their new gear (we should mention that some of our new backpack lines even make bags for adults that are pretty fantastic!) We have some wonderful bento box lunch boxes for older (even adults) that are leak-proof. We carry this line because one of our staff members got one, and said we had to get them in. Color pencils, page markers and highlighter are always a staple at Talulah Jones, but we have expanded our selection for the season. Also, if you have someone starting highschool or going off to college we have some great desk organizers that will get the new student feeling sharp and ready for learning this year! 

Mid Summer Spruce Up

The clothing keeps coming in and we keep selling through it! So, if your wardrobe needs a mid summer makeover, there will be new and fun styles at Talulah’s for all your needs. Short sleeve tees and Rosemunde silk blend tanks are the perfect foundations for summer layering. Light gauzy embroidered shirts do double time for both lightweight fashion and by the pool cover-ups! Not to mention simple dresses that work for both dressed up and casual occasions and all of the accessories to match! 

4th of July

We have some star spangled fun at Talulah Jones this year! Splashy pom pom 4th of July banners are the first step to some seasonal fun. Even if you are not one to typically decorate for a summer holiday the cuteness factor of these banners might sway you towards some patriotic feelings.