Father's Day!

Here at Talulah’s we really feel we have something for everyone on your list, including dear old Dad. Our men’s section might be small, but definitely has some top shelf items for your top guy. Who has supported you and loved you more than your Dad? I know no one in my life! So spoil him as he deserves this fathers day! Top picks for Dad are the more masculine water bottles from Corkcicle. I know I gave one to my boyfriend two Easter’s ago and it has been his most used gift I’ve given him, and not only keeps him hydrated but also tons of plastic bottles out of the ocean! If beer is high up on your Dad’s list a ‘BREW’ stein could be just the thing with a six pack of his favorite beer. Or if craft cocktails are more his thing we have a collection of Colorado made bitters and a bitters cocktail book that would be perfect. And as we are known as the store with the ‘masculine’ gummy candy (as one customer refer to as) something for his sweet tooth might be just the thing!

Summer Travel in Style

Summer is officially here and that means it’s vacation time! Talulah’s has scoured the globe and brought in a sweet little line that will bring even more fun to your already exciting travels!  With weekend bags full of wonderful storage pockets, cute and functional cosmetic cases and wallets designed specifically for travel – we know you’ll just adore them! They are fun, quirky lifestyle accessories, designed in the UK and we can't wait for you to come by and check them out! 


We love color! It tells a story, it sets a mood. It can sooth, inspire, and cause a reaction. The right colors together can create harmony and joy. Talulah’s in the midst of a color streak right now, and we hope our color-blocking story is going to inspire you! A spectrum of sherbets will delight and energize you, be it just the right gift or a small indulgence or accent piece.

Talulah Jones Fun Fact!

Our favorite Talulah Jones Fun Fact is that we stock earth friendly products all year long!   Environmental cleaning products? You betcha! These products impact the personal environment of your home as well as the planet. Talulah’s has some great cleaning products and cleaning cloths to aid you in your goal of being spotless and less toxic!  And did we mention our line of products that assist in the process to end plastic pollution. Single use plastic is one of the biggest challenges we face right now. From the use of Kuregs to Saran Wrap, single use plastic is something that never goes away and is filling up our landfills and oceans. We at Talulah’s are trying to give you alternatives to single use plastics with washable bowl covers and lunch wraps that can be used over and over again. Bees Wrap, an organic cotton and bees wax wrap for food and food storage is now at Talulah Jones! Simply wash with mild soap and cool water and use over and over again for anything from bread to cheese to veggies. Please join us in our efforts to make the world a better, greener place for all species. Each day we do our part, be it our extensive recycling program (thanks Stephanie P. for the use of her van each month for the hard to recycles that make their way up to Eco Cycle) to the extra cost we incur for buying recycled paper bags. Talulah’s is the place to shop if you care for the environment!

Annual January Sale!

Every seasoned Talulah customer knows that we don’t have a lot of sales. An everyday fair price is our philosophy, but we do love to purge once a year, and that time is now!! So grab your Christmas money and head on down to Talulahs for a great bargain. Our sale has a tendency to change daily, as we sell through certain things, so stop by often!! Don't miss it! 


One Stop Holiday Shop....

Oh what fun! The holidays are here and we are ready to help you find something special for everyone on your list! Whether its your favorite co-worker or your newest little nephew, we can help you figure it out! Make a list, check it twice & stop by Talulah Jones to get all of your holiday shopping done!  

Tis the Season

Many of you say that Christmas is your favorite at Taluah’s! We love what we do everyday, but we have to say that this season is one of our favorites too. We are excited that throughout November our seasonal offerings will grow. From the top of the tree (tree toppers) to the very tree itself, Taluah’s has everything you need to make your season sparkle. And getting your shopping done early is easily done, as we have loaded the shelves with so many possibilities for everyone on your list that will make them feel loved and special.

1-2 Glow!

Decorating your Christmas tree with lights has never been so easy.  The new 1-2Glow lights at Talulah Jones not only add extra sparkle to your tree with more lights per inch than traditional Christmas lights, but it will also only take you 5 minutes, then you're done! We are always all for anything that saves time and opens up more opportunities for cocoa sipping!  These warm white LED lights are best suited for a 7’ tree but with a little creativity they can be fairly flexible. You simply hang the loop over the top of the tree and then wrap each light strand around!   They work indoor as well as outdoor and you will never have to worry about changing another bulb - yay LED’s!!  They also have 8 different fancy-schmancy  twinkle functions so your tree can twinkle like never before! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 4.41.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 4.43.49 PM.png


Weather you are hosting or are a guest, Taulah’s is a must stop place before Thanksgiving! If you are hosting we have all the extra touches that will make your table extra memorable. Thanksgiving Crackers will give you table that extra spark. A fall wreath on your door will welcome your guests in style and my favorite extra touch? Thanksgiving napkin rings!  If you are headed to a family or friends house this Thanksgiving, a holiday Talulah candle is the perfect hostess gift.  We’ll wrap it and have you ready for nothing but Thanksgiving Day fun in no time!